Member Direct

Member Direct Advertising Program Details

Rules And Operation

  • Inserts are single-sided
  • Pay a small premium to guarantee that your ad is the top piece in the envelope
  • Your ad must be provided as a completely press-ready PDF. We will print what you give us


  • Your ad piece can be full-color or black and white
  • Each ad is printed on 60# or 70# white paper
  • Page Size is 8.5" x 11" with a one-quarter-inch margin on all sides. Bleeds are not currently available.
  • If the PDF is too large to fit on a printed page, we will use Acrobat's "Fit" or "Shrink to Fit" function to ensure your content appears on a single page
  • We do our best to match the colors printed but cannot guarantee an exact match as each physical print can vary
  • No proof will be provided

Folding and Insertion

  • Your ad will be letter-folded with the print facing outward for maximum ad exposure
  • Folded pages will be collated together and then inserted in the envelope together
  • One copy of your ad will be inserted in each envelope
  • The position of your ad is randomly selected and may vary from envelope to envelope unless you opt for the premium placement mentioned above


  • All pieces will be mailed from the Frankfort Post Office as Standard Mail
  • Postage will be applied with a postage meter, not stamps
  • All pieces will be mailed in 10# white envelopes, addresses will be printed in black ink
  • The Frankfort Chamber logo and return address will appear in the upper-left corner


Program Availability

  • No mailing will be sent unless at least four of the five positions are filled
  • The Member Direct program may be cancelled at the Chamber's sole discretion at any time for any reason
  • If your piece is scheduled/accepted and not mailed due to any cause other than not meeting program requirements the Chamber will refund any fees you paid for that piece
  • Positions for each mailing are available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • The premium top-piece position is available for any mailing on a first-come, first-served basis


Member Direct Marketing Packet

You can download the Member Direct Marketing Packet by clicking the link below.