Artisans - Frankfort Fall Fest


Over 300 Artisans from both coasts and everywhere in-between will join us in Frankfort on Labor Day weekend for this spectacular event!  You will be able to purchase everything from handmade ornaments to fine jewelry and everything in between!  So come on out and look for that special gift that you can only find here, or that special item for decorating this holiday season, or even that unique item just for you! Rest assured, it will be handmade!  

2019 Arts and Crafts Show Hours
Saturday, August 31, 2019 – 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.   

Sunday, September 1, 2019 – 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.   

Monday, September 2, 2019 – 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m   

Booth Numbers
Booth numbers may change after our printed guide has gone to press, but the list of Artisans on the website will be updated regularly. If you need help locating an artisan, please use the list below or visit the Information Booth located at the center of Oak Street and Kansas Street. 


2019 Artisans

Artisans for the 2019 Fall Fest will be posted in the summer once the jurying process is complete and the Artisans have accepted their invitation to participate in Fall Fest.


2018 Artisans


  • Joe & Marie Beckley: A-129
  • Little Creek Candles: H-319

Clothing / Accessories Adult

  • A+ Embroidery & Apparel: E-912, E-913
  • Bucura, LLC: HL-39
  • Chicks Kicks Boots: K-406
  • Cindy Bella Designs: A-105, A-106
  • Ellembee: H-331
  • Fish Face Goods: K-526
  • Gypsy South: HL-23, HL-24
  • Halo Fabric and Dye: O-215
  • Jean Bull Designs: A-132, A-133
  • Kasia Marie Apparel: K-441
  • Keep You in Stitches - Special Creations: E-810
  • Knotty Knits Designs: E-846
  • LF JF Designs: K-414
  • Not All Who Wander Are Lost: O-209
  • Phyllis & Co.: O-740, O-741
  • Pinzit Limited: E-917
  • Rockin' Waistwear: HL-2
  • Salt River Leather: K-435
  • Sew Snazzy: K-404
  • Shirts by Jan: HL-5, HL-6
  • The Added Touch-2: H-325
  • Yarnival: O-226, O-227

Clothing / Accessories Kids

  • Bows By Brenda: W-1033
  • Crazy Ribbons & More: E-838
  • Granma's Gifts: E-851
  • Happy Heads: K-442
  • Kathy Davis: O-225
  • Mally's: E-920
  • My Girlz Clothing: K-436
  • Sonia's Creations: HL-27
  • Susan-Maire Cast: HL-12
  • The Unbroken Circle: H-316
  • Young Traditions: O-731


  • Antler and Wood Creations: E-843, E-844
  • Bags By Hags: E-842
  • Bullseye Bow: E-904
  • CL Creates: K-407
  • Corry Enterprises: HL-22
  • Dave Alger Cutting Boards: E-901
  • Elk Meadow Designs: K-525
  • HL-30
  • Fun and Funky: K-540, K-541
  • Heart to Heart: H-311, H-312
  • Karen Kennedy: HL-31
  • Kristyn's Artistic Designs: E-839
  • Lois Ann Wachtmann: O-206
  • Me & My Sister: HL-18, HL-19, HL-20
  • Night Light Designs: O-728
  • Out of Our Gourd: W-1055, W-1056
  • Silhouettes: K-409
  • Simplified Country: H-334, H-335
  • Summer Snow: O-737, O-738, O-739
  • The Art Box: E-841
  • ''The Dudes'' Pant Planters: W-1028
  • The Flower Shed: K-620, K-621
  • The Little Hedgerow: O-205
  • The Master Blasters: W-1005, W-1006, W-1007
  • Time Vault Treasures: W-1019, W-1020
  • Wendywood: HL-25, HL-26
  • Whimsical Hangers: A-103

Doll Clothing

  • Barbs Dolls & Crafts: O-234
  • Pretty Doll Collections: K-610
  • Wee Line Doll Clothing: H-318


  • Alma Jeans Dish Cloths & Towels: E-847
  • Artistry Underfoot: H-324
  • Banners Plus: E-840
  • Bearly Chenille: O-213
  • Braided Art: K-431
  • Bunnies and Bows: O-708, O-709
  • Deb's Creations: HL-1
  • Designer Bags by La Row: HL-33
  • It's Quilted: O-212
  • Kopp SHOPP Boutique: HL-10
  • Merry Berry Creations: H-321
  • Oh Baby Boutique: O-742, O-743, O-744
  • O'Leary Specialties: E-836, E-837
  • Paula's Material Things: E-902
  • RDJ Stained Glass: HL-7
  • SAC Calico Country: K-608, K-609
  • Sew Special by Joanne: A-128
  • What-A-Seat: E-818
  • Wild West Designs: W-1014, W-1015
  • World of Whimsy: K-624

Face Painting

  • Whimsy Face: W-1025

Fine Arts

  • Blockhead Arts: O-221
  • Dalia Art Studio: K-543
  • Fay's Artworks: K-602
  • Fleming Art: O-228, O-229
  • Green Beetle Shop: O-211
  • Island Sand Sculptures: A-115
  • Jen Callahan Artwork: K-538, K-539
  • Kats by Kellly: K-427
  • Mindworks: H-317
  • Paint The Town Mary: K-616
  • Pui Che: O-718
  • Satrun Twins' Art: O-727
  • Timeless Art of Cheryl baker: K-535
  • Wennerstens Etchings: K-618, K-619
  • White Street Gallery: O-703


  • Fleurs: K-612
  • Nature Green: K-402
  • Recollections: A-107, A-108, A-109
  • Vintage Tickled Pink: W-1052, W-1051


  • Arndt's Fudgery LLC: L-13
  • Barajas, David: L-21, L-22
  • Cheryl's Nut Butters: L-2
  • D'Marie: L-9
  • Frankfort Brass Band: HL-9
  • Gardner's Wisconsin Cheese & Sausage: L-16, L-17
  • Gindo's Spice of Life: L-19
  • Grandma's Goodies, LLC: L-20
  • Guziak, Cynthia: L-11, L-12
  • Hannah Bee Honey: L-1
  • Hapburgers, Inc.: L-8
  • Heartland Herbs: L-23, L-24
  • Lindsay Farms: L-5, L-4
  • New Life Church Cadets: O-719
  • Short & Sweet-Tasty Treats, Inc.: L-10
  • Sonoma Farms: L-6
  • St. Roger Abbey: L-7
  • Stanley's Sugarbush, LLC: L-3
  • Starla's Handcrafted Seasonings & Mixes: L-14, L-15
  • Tennessee Moonshine Cakes: L-18

Frames & Mats

  • Craft Zee's: O-712, O-713
  • Endless Creations: HL-37, HL-38
  • Garden Cards and More: E-832, E-833
  • Le Parisien Apt.: K-434


  • A & G Vintage: O-726
  • B.C. Stained Glass, LLC: A-121
  • Catch The Sun w/ Stained Glass: E-918
  • Creative Stained Glass: E-830
  • E Smith Glass: K-604
  • Gilly's Wild Tile: E-819
  • Glass Lilies: A-112
  • Larkfield Glass: K-420
  • Marhula Enterprises: H-332
  • Prairie State Designs: K-417
  • The Glass Haus: K-440
  • Whimzee Glass: O-729


  • Allure Designs: K-611
  • Amber and Silver: O-730
  • Angel Wear Designs: E-822
  • Barbara Smith Designs: E-812, E-813, E-814
  • Barking Dog Jewelry Design Studio: O-701
  • B-Enticing: E-905
  • C Jewelry: W-1003
  • Clearly Unique: E-827
  • Dank Artistry: W-1024
  • Dorn's Design Studio: H-306
  • For Sanity Sake: E-845
  • Fun Co 2: HL-3
  • Funky Jewelry: HL-11
  • Gemz & Jewelz: HL-8
  • Glitter Bugs: H-320
  • Goldfire Ltd.: K-412
  • Gypsy Rose Studios: K-615
  • Harmonic Meadows: HL-21
  • Hidden Treasures: W-1034
  • Hooker Earrings: O-203
  • Humbertos Designs, LLC: K-437
  • Hypknotica: K-607
  • Inspirations by Design Jewelry: K-542
  • J. Lizzie Jewelry: O-220
  • Jewelry Designs With You in Mind: E-909
  • JK Steampunk Design: K-622
  • Joy from the Heart: W-1054
  • Katie Newell Jewelry: O-210
  • Liam Shard Jewelry: K-424
  • Made From Coins: W-1018
  • Oreb Lram Fine Casual Jewelry: K-531
  • Pink Clouds: E-922
  • Ragtrader Vintage: E-848, E-849
  • Satori Fire Glass: K-617
  • Stone Temple Jewelry: O-705
  • Tekeli Designs Inc.: K-614
  • The Added Touch: H-326
  • The Buttons Stop Here: H-323
  • The Glass Bird: HL-17
  • Twinkle Ever After: K-426
  • Unique Creations: O-734
  • What A Charming Idea: W-1035, W-1036
  • Ziegler Designs: A-122

Metal Work

  • Amazing Plant Stand: W-1053
  • Backer Enterprise: K-443
  • Country Crossing: W-1004
  • Davenport, Dan: O-216
  • DeWall Bros Metal Creations: W-1021, W-1022
  • Earth Wind and Metal: E-910, E-911
  • Feathers, Fins & Fur: K-537
  • Five Star Creations: E-809
  • Heinecke Welding, LLC: E-815, E-816, E-817
  • Leaton Metal Designs: W-1010, W-1011
  • Loon Hollow Farms: K-405
  • Michigan Made Metal: E-903
  • Presentability, LLC: K-423
  • Tempest in a Teapot: HL-29
  • The Martin Grill Gadget, Inc.: E-906
  • The New Homestead: A-104
  • Wayne Dorn: W-1012, W-1013
  • Whispy Vines: A-134
  • Wind and Fire Chimes: K-408


  • Avante Painting: O-233
  • Claudia: O-218, O-219
  • Homespun Tradition: E-908
  • Mistletoe Memories: H-313, H-314
  • Nippers Studio: H-315
  • Studio 253: E-803
  • Wallace Wood Ornaments: A-110, A-111


  • Acadia Antlers: E-921
  • Design A E-831
  • J Adore Pets: W-1023
  • K & B Crafts: E-811
  • K9 Cookie Factory: E-823
  • Lovin' Tails: H-309, H-310
  • Whisker Biscuits: O-204


  • Bauer Photography: K-425
  • Bob Horsch Gallery: K-603
  • Glenn Lewis Photography: O-732, O-733
  • Left Behind, Photography by Kyle Wilson: K-613
  • My Eye on the World: A-114
  • Paul Ashack Studios: K-529
  • Photography by Schuth: H-307, H-308
  • Rasmussen Photography: E-828
  • Rich Traditions: O-232
  • SMG Photo Gallery: K-625
  • The Pigshark: HL-32
  • Whispering Impressions: O-201, O-202


  • Bags and Things: K-605
  • Daisy Bags: H-305
  • Hale the Bag Lady: A-125
  • The Bag Girl: K-432
  • Val in Stitches: O-714, O-715


  • Butter Duck Farms: E-850
  • Earth Sticks & Scents,LLC: HL-34
  • Gracie Pie Apothecary: K-623
  • Herbonita Soap Co., Inc.: O-214
  • Kimberly's Kupboard: H-333
  • Mia's Wish Inc.: E-915
  • Old Post Road Oils: HL-4
  • Polar Bare Bath, LLC: W-1050
  • Primo Potpourri: A-102
  • Robert & Judith Dawson: E-907
  • Treat Your Body, Inc.: K-523, K-524
  • West Coast Body Co.: W-1002


  • Art Zings: E-802
  • Gerrys: O-735, O-736
  • Go Jump in the Lake: W-1009
  • Hello Love: W-1008

Stoneware & Pottery

  • Clement Clayworks: O-217
  • Debbies Birdhouses: O-207
  • In The Potter's Hand: K-428, K-429
  • Melissa Z Monroe Pottery: K-438
  • Pebble Craft: W-1016, W-1017
  • Piper Pottery: K-403
  • Schmidt Marken Designs: H-302
  • The Stone Tap: E-916

Wood Furnishing

  • Bloomers and Hearts: E-919
  • IP Designs: W-1000, W-1001
  • Made For You Furniture: E-852, E-853, E-854
  • Thegreatestseat.Com: E-914


  • Backyard Craft Creations: E-806, E-807
  • Country Crafts: E-820, E-821
  • Craft Boutique: E-808
  • Crafthouse101: W-1026, W-1027
  • Crankstart Design Company, LLC: E-829
  • D & M Wooden Flowers & Vases: O-208
  • Defining You: O-725
  • Doodletown Toys Inc.: K-606
  • Ewenique Boutique: E-801
  • Fox Hollow Woodworks: H-329, H-330
  • Grape Wood Designs: K-418, K-419
  • Great Lake Art: K-413
  • Hare Hollow: E-804, E-805
  • Harmony Hill Signs: O-230, O-231
  • Heritage Handcrafts: O-722, O-723, O-724
  • Hesik: K-536
  • Hollow Woodworks: H-303, H-304
  • Humorous Clocks: A-120
  • Last Mango Studio: K-534
  • M & J Crafts & Woodworking: E-834, E-835
  • Mom Enterprises: K-532, K-533
  • Robert Linn: K-430
  • Tabletop Beanbag Games: A-126, A-127
  • The Chic-N-Coop: O-707
  • The Spoon Works: O-711
  • Uniquely Crafted: E-824, E-825, E-826
  • Visual Concepts: O-235
  • Whispering : A-119
  • Whittles and Bits: K-527, K-528
  • Winning Concepts: A-130, A-131