Gift Basket Donations

Gift Basket Donations for Frankfort

We are a group of approximately 30 downtown merchants who want to promote business growth while promoting community spirit in Frankfort. As such, we typically donate about 24 group gift baskets a year and primarily give a basket to a local organization that is working on behalf of the Frankfort/Lincolnway community or a Frankfort/Lincolnway resident with special medical needs.

If you feel that description fits your organization and fundraiser purpose, please feel free to complete the donation forms below and mail it to:

Frankfort Historic Business Alliance
c/o Frankfort Chamber of Commerce
123 Kansas Street
Frankfort, IL 60423

Our donation team will review your request and you will be notified if we can provide a basket for your event. Please know that we receive many requests each year and we try to respond to them within 2-3 weeks.

Gift Basket Donation Letter to Requestors (explains the process)

Gift Basket Donation Request Form

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