I am excited and proud to be President of the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce in 2016. The Frankfort Chamber is comprised of innovative business leaders donating their time and energy to bring tangible value to the Chamber Members. It is my goal to uphold the respect the Chamber has earned over the years but to also bring to the Board new ideas for the future.

I want to thank our 2015 President Tom Powers for his leadership and structure he has brought to the Board. I also want to welcome our new Executive Director Alicia Joebgen who joined us in the fall of last year. I'm confident Alicia and I will have a smooth transition into our new roles due to the Boards strong foundation and our excellent office staff.

This year will be very exciting as we welcome new Board Members Kris McGuire, Gretchen Dust, Craig Lyons and Andrew Wright who bring extensive knowledge, passion and experience to our Chamber Board this year. Together we will identify and address real issues that affect businesses today. We re-aligned 2016 committee structures in order to focus on delivering more value to our Members. We have created a new committee "Retention and Recruitment" where we will work with current Members to identify the most important items on their Business wish list and create ways to address those needs as well as explaining how to make the most of your Chamber Membership so we can encourage new businesses to join. We have also combined several committee functions and formed the "Events" committee. This change will allow us to organize all Chamber sponsored events and have a more powerful voice when promoting these activities.

The Frankfort Chamber of Commerce mission is to "Foster a healthy business climate through voluntary partnerships". We have a very capable Board in place to make substantial changes – but we can always use a fresh set of eyes to help us determine the key drivers that will help today's business owners achieve growth and profitability in this year and many years to come. If you have "got what it takes" to make a difference in your business community, please call and we will find a position for you!

2016 Frankfort Chamber President - Tom Kara