The Frankfort Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce changes to the Beer Tent area at its annual Fall Festival over Labor Day weekend.

“This year’s Frankfort Fall Festival will include an upscale Beer and Wine Garden in lieu of a Beer Tent,” said Frankfort Mayor Jim Holland.

The change comes after the B.E.T.A. Team, which has operated the Fall Fest Beer Tent for almost two decades, recently told the Village it would not be able to operate the tent this year. Following their announcement, on June 26 the Village presented a plan for a Beer and Wine Garden and asked the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce, which runs the Frankfort Fall Festival, to implement the plan. The Chamber’s Board of Directors met on June 27 and voted unanimously to accept the challenge to make the Village’s concept a reality.

 “I’m excited to lead this endeavor and happy to have the full support of the Chamber Board, volunteers and staff,” said Lisa Ricchio, 2017 Fall Festival Chair.

 While the details of the new Beer and Wine Garden are still being worked on by many parties, a few aspects are clear. The new plan will continue to incorporate civic groups. The smaller area will be open to the Food Court during the day and will feature soft, background music. At 5:30 p.m., Friday through Sunday, the Beer and Wine Garden will become an adult-only area for ages 21 and older. An entry fee will be charged and entertainment will feature bands, albeit with lower amplification, unplugged-style, live music. Alcohol will be served by professionals. The Beer and Wine Garden will close at 9:30 p.m.

 “Ideally, this will allow families to get a bite to eat, an adult beverage and enjoy some light, background music during the day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday,” said Steve Hogan, President of the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce.

 The Chamber of Commerce will stick to its tradition of kicking off Fall Festival weekend with Frankfort Lions Club’s annual Wurst Fest on Thursday, August 31 from 6 to 10:30 p.m. 

 “The Frankfort Chamber of Commerce is excited for this opportunity to enhance Frankfort Fall Festival and bring it to yet another level,” Hogan said. “We believe this Beer and Wine Garden will be a gathering place for Frankfort residents and beyond. We are confident that this will be the ideal atmosphere to continue the tradition of old classmates, friends and residents to gather, share a drink, and catch up on what’s been going on. Frankfort is community, the Fall Festival and this space will be a great way to continue the popularity of making downtown Frankfort a destination on Labor Day Weekend.”

 The Frankfort Chamber of Commerce is committed to fostering a healthy business climate through voluntary partnerships. The Chamber believes that a healthy business environment supports a healthy community. Because of this, the Chamber supports numerous business and community events throughout the year including Frankfort Fall Festival.

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