The Frankfort Chamber of Commerce has implemented a new internship program.  It is not complicated, nor too much different than what we have been doing, except that we will be a bit more proactive. 

Currently, when students have forwarded their resumes to the office I have been sending them out to all of you.  Now, we are going to reach out to local universities and let them know that we have members that might be interested in taking on an intern.

This will certainly mean that we will begin to receive more resumes.  I will continue to forward them on to you, the business owners.  It will then be up to you to contact the interested student to see if you are a good fit for one another.

Each student/university will have different requirements.  Those details will be up to you and the student to work out.

We (the internship committee) is prepared to give you some general guidelines for having an intern.  Furthermore, if you are interested in the possibility of an intern, yet do not know how to manage this, please let me know; a member of the committee will certainly be willing to work with you.

The basic guidelines:

  • You must have space for an intern, they cannot  just work at the other end of your desk
  • You must have work that is meaningful and related to your field to give to the intern, they cannot just be used to stuff envelops (although that may be part of what they do)
  • There should be some work that allows them to grow and take some initiative.  You may be surprised what we can learn from these young people!
  • Some will  be looking for a paid position and some will not.  This will be an individual decision for you and the intern to make.
  • We will not be endorsing any of the interns; we cannot vouch for their work ethic or abilities.  You must complete your own interview and determine if they are a good fit for you.

We look forward to this new venture.  Encouraging our Brain Trust to stay and work local can only be better for our business community!