Double, double toil and trouble. 

Witches will once again descend on Frankfort’s downtown during the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce’s annual Witchy Girls night out, but there is nothing to fear, as they will only be in search of snacks, sales and a night on the town. 

The event is scheduled to take place from 6-9 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 17, with check-in at the Trolley Barn. The first 150 participants will receive a goodie bag, there is no limit to how many people can take part in the event.

 “Most of the downtown shops will be participating, and they will be having specials for all the witches to come in," Event Chairwoman Nicole Underwood said. "They’re going to be staying open later for them to shop.”

 In a season full of trick-or-treating and classroom Halloween parties, Witchy Girls Night Out is an event specifically designed for adults, and especially women. “I do think it’s a great social event,” Underwood said. “It’s midweek, so most people, their social events book up during the weekends. So, it’s kind of nice to have something in the middle of the week.”

Getting dressed up and being a silly with costumes and the witchy theme is also fun for participants, many of whom return to the event year after year.

 “The ladies, they love getting their witches hats on and a little dressed up,” Underwood said.

 On the Green, there will be a bonfire roaring and contests on the stage, including one for the best witch's hat, and witches will have the opportunity to be treated to a palm reading if they dare.

 To add to the Halloween ambiance, Underwood said there will be spooky Halloween music playing throughout downtown.

 “When the witches are out walking around shopping they’re going to hear spooky music playing all throughout downtown, which is going to be super fun [and] kind of add to that atmosphere," Underwood said. "It’s definitely going to get people in the mood.”

 There will also be raffles and prizes at the event for those who sign in at the Trolley Barn. The event is free to attend.

For witches staying out a little later in the evening, Trail’s Edge Brewing Company plans to serve witchy

drink specials in the Boiler Room from 8-10 p.m. For more information, visit