The banner with Emagine Entertainment Inc.’s logo is the only indication that the Dominick’s on 19965 S. LaGrange Road in Frankfort is to turn into a theater. Renovations for the 75,000-square-foot facility is to include 10 auditoriums that can seat roughly 200 people in each room.

Emagine CEO Paul Glantz appeared before Mayor Jim Holland, the Frankfort Village Board of Trustees and community members at a groundbreaking ceremony Aug. 31 to unveil plans for the project,
to extend his gratitude for those who have helped so far and to reveal what residents can look forward to. Emagine Entertainment Inc. is a Michigan-based luxury theater company that looked to Frankfort for its first business venture outside of the Great Lakes state. There are currently nine Emagine theaters located across Michigan. The tentative opening date for the Frankfort installment is
Christmas 2016.

“I’m absolutely delighted to be here today,” Glantz said in his speech that Wednesday. “We are ecstatic about the opportunity to open this beautiful, new venue in Frankfort, Illinois. This community is
very, very appropriate for an Emagine theater because we’re looking to serve a neighborhood. We’re looking to serve folks a valued, quality experience.” That experience takes the form of Glantz’s leather
seat, which he put on display at the ceremony for all to touch, sit and recline. All auditoriums are to be filled with rows of those chairs to complement Emagine’s mission, which aims to provide comfort for its customers.

“You know, what I think we’re striving to do is create an exemplary entertainment experience for our guests,” he added. “It starts with valet parking. It’s a lot of little things ... like special attention to cleanliness. We’ll serve you at your seat. For example, if you’re coming late into a film and you want to pick up snacks before you go in, we’ll put it on a tray – that actually plugs into your cup holder – and we’ll bring it directly to your assigned seat.”